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Writing plugins for Drone CI is very easy. I just wrote one using simple shell script to integration with ... and it's not working correctly yet 😂. It's very late now so I'll fix it tomorrow.

Apparently is down.
Docs, Drive, Youtube, Email so far

"The longest journey of any person is the journey inward"

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Month 9 of quarantine. The introverts are now extroverts

Listening to Older, by Sasha Sloan 🎵

This is an interesting take...
“Take Denmark, for example. No animal on Earth knows that Denmark exists other than humans. Denmark—like all other countries, including the United States—is an elaborate myth that we have collectively decided to believe. But this myth enables Danes to organize a society that provides benefits to its people.”


I got the Drone CI working with my setup 🎉

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Sometimes the best self care is doing that hard thing you've been putting off.

2.0.26 is out!

Update your scripts or Dockerfiles with the newer repository path before things break ⚠️

I need to do some self reflection, take a look at things at a macro level.

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I've just had this realization that I'm going to turn 22 in a few months. That's over two decades. Some of the big life events are coming soon!

Phoenix ships with a LiveDashboard that is similar to Erlang Observe.

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Now entering the Phoenix territory. The first phoenix command generated this 🤯.

Is it just me of Google Meet's audio does not work in anymore? 🤔

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