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@celia I had this idea of Federated Git sometime back and turns out there is some work going on (not following).

I discovered "Loving Vincent" while scrolling through Prime Videos. It looks like a very unique movie done entirely in Painting. I might watch it soon.

Things like this shows the Apple Developers are actively reaching out to various programming language communities to figure out or M1 Mac errors.

@tomasino That was a nice read. Me being a GenZ didn’t knew much about Geocities and how it impacted the internet.

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Nothing makes me feel quite as appreciated as seeing one of my projects featured in the fantastic #Golang Weekly newsletter!

"A Golden Oldie"... you people make me blush ☺️

@rd Good morning, it’s coming to an end for me here with that happy feeling

This is i think my third attempt at it. It seems to me to be like Emacs where initial learning curve is steep but when you get over it, its super flexible.

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Mediawiki is vey overwhelming. I’m starting small with visual editor and only the basic markup without any fancy markup and templates.

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Do you sign your git commits? Please share for more reach.

My brother suggested this book to me. I've yet to start reading it but it seems so much more relevant now.

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Gosh, why don't people read privacy policies? If you blindly accept this notice don't expect to complain about #facebook 'tracking you'

They are literally 'legally' asking your permisson to track you; holding your friends using Facebook as hostage. Be smort jump ship before it's too late.

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oh my god

“TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.”

“Now you don't need to code up a browser extension from scratch every time you want to do anything. You can write a script that talks to your browser in, like, a melange of Python and bash, and you can save it as a single ordinary file that you can run whenever, and it's no different from scripting any other part of your computer.”

Found this while digging through my pictures. This is a random shot from the Fort in my hometown back in 2013.

@rd I guess you’ve seen it already but Parasite from South Korea

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