I posted about Starship prompt a month ago. I'm using it ever since. A new version is released today (with breaking changes). I upgraded to the latest version already and modified my configuration to work with it.

I have a weird fear about loosing memory. So, I like to write things down whever possible.

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I really like the README preview thing in Nextcloud. I'm adding the descriptions to main folders and it makes me happy.

Listening to Counting Stars, by OneRepublic 🎵

I'm watching Bohemian Rhapsody, but I'll stop now. I'll probably continue tomorrow.

@Charged_Neon Reddit exposes the feed for each subreddit that you can subscribe to using a Feed Reader. I'm thinking of doing that too 🙂

Thanks to @rd and @weltsnake for talking about it and recommending The Social Dilemma.

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I've been scared of such problems for some time now and I'm consciously making choices to move out of these services but most people close to be don't do it. That's partly the reason of self-hosting services like Mastodon, Nextcloud and the likes to give them a space to try them out.

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It uses the classic Man-in-the-hole technique of story telling but with this specific problem, the hole is so big that most of the people around the center don't even realize there is a hole at all.

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It is an amazing documentary explaining the real problems to non tech-savvy individuals. The fear is real and a lot of people who build these technologies have it too which is good for the society.

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To be frank, I am kinda scared of The Social Dilemma but I'm starting it now.

TIL about the person who saved the world by using his judgement when early detection systems' alarms went off detecting false missiles.


Ah, Gallery is the older app that was replaced my Photos. Photos doesn't seem to implement this feature.

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This doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

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I just discovered Gallery Configuration in Nextcloud. It supports adding description as well that looks comparable to @snap_as. I'm excited to try it out once the migration is complete.


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I just gave up and dumped the exported data in Nextcloud. I'll probably figure it out tomorrow when I'm more awake.

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